2. Writing

Daniel writes for film (feature length and short films) and television as well as being a musician and songwriter.He also regularly writes film, television and music reviews and articles.In the past he has also written sales publications and sales procedure manuals for National and Global companies and worked as a literary editor.His music and lyrics have won national competitions and garnered international attention.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University

Memberships: Australian Writer’s Guild (AWG), ACT Writers’ Centre, Canberra Feature Film Coalition, ScreenACT Pod.


  • In Development:

Till Death Do Us Part (Feature) – working with International Script Development Consultant Stephen Cleary

The Drop Bear Hunter (Feature)

Love Locked (Short/Portmanteau) – working with ScreenACT

Life and Times of Tim (TV Spec)

  •  In Pre-Production:

Kidnapped (Short Film)

  • In Post-Production:

  • Completed:

The Search (Pilot)

Eastbound & Down (TV Spec)

MC Me (Music Video)

  • In Turn Around:

Stylus (Feature)

Bludgers (Feature)

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